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Anemone by Hannie Hananto

Hannie Hananto one of the finest and famous Indonesian Muslim designer had giving us the opportunity to model her latest ad campaign, said that she was inspired by one of our picture in the last day of HFW post and it was a very delightful feeling to know that!\ happy as we were also styling the Jilbab ;) . Fun Fact is : Hannie Hananto herself had studied Architecture along with her husband Lutvi H.V., this made us and her having the same backgrounds, not just fashion.


Hannie Hananto (Photo : Lutvi H.V.)


Hannie Hananto with her two sons (Photo : Lutvi H.V. / her husband)

The Mother of two sons have such unique way to design each pieces of her collection,

you may not notice until you get one for yourself, believe us, we also surprised when we put it on, she loves playing with the pattern, the geometry, the rhythm, the lines and points, which we could experiencing an edgy form when we wear it.

such one of a kind

The Images of Anemone
January 2011

 Digital Artist : Ashfi Qamara

Photographer : Farina Rose

Jilbab Styling : FiMiNin

and several others, click to enlarge, all published for ad campaign.

 Stores :
JOGJAKARTA | Ambarukmo Plaza Blok B-54 Jl.Laksda Adisucipto | 0274 4331449 | 0274 8275885 | 087839256357
JAKARTA | Mumtaz Boutique Jl.Penjernihan 1 no.29 Jakarta Pusat | 021 5749054

Anemone studio Jl.Parkit raya Bintaro Jaya | 0818960991
BANJARMASIN | 0811515579
CILEGON | 08121205878


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